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There are times within a person’s life when they have to handle facts.

For some it’s the realisation that denim makes them look like an ageing rocker.

For others it will be that they’ve become old before their time as they head to bed clutching boiling water bottles.

These are wake-up calls – and it’s no different when it comes to motoring.

My eureka moment

Until you were lucky enough to buy a Porsche 911 on your own 17th birthday, the chances are the cars you drove in your youth won’t be suitable as you journey through life.

My eureka moment happened behind the wheel of my beloved Fiesta XR2, aged 25, when I saw a yoof, aged around 17, in a similar machine. I realised it was time for any trade-in.

Bearing that in mind, here is my take on what’s suitable and what’s inappropriate for different age ranges.

In your 20s…

It’s genuine that beggars can’t be choosers, but being on a budget shouldn’t mean you must sacrifice style.

Ford Fiesta

Consider: A Ford Fiesta – any type to tell the truth.

There are reasons why they have topped bestseller lists numerous times: it looks good, is reliable, practical and doesn’t cost our planet.

The new shape Mini is likewise über-cool at this particular age and affordable.

Audi TT

Avoid: If you do have a lot of money avoid the temptation to drive around in an Audi.

Even if you’ve earned it yourself you’ll just seem like a trust fund kid.

Think TOWIE… see things i mean?

Stay away from Volvos and Skodas too – they’ll cause you to look too old.

With your 30s…

For many this will be age of the people-carrier and a time when they take leave of their motoring fashion senses.

Ford S-Max

Consider: Opt for the Ford S-Max should you need a family car.

It looks good and can transport seven of yourself around efficiently.

An Audi – ideally an R8 if resources are unlimited – or a little red sports vehicle are worth considering if you’ve got cash to spare then a BMW.

Fiat Multipla

Avoid: The Fiat Multipla.

Yes it’s practical but need I have faith that more?

Don’t go for everything that ages you prematurely.

So, if finances allow, steer clear of Jaguars or Bentleys – avoiding the latter also lessens the chance of being mistaken for a Premier League footballer, even.

In your 40s

A difficult age as picking the wrong car means you operate the risk of being the mid-life crisis guy or gal.

Mazda RX-8

Consider: A unique hot hatch.

You can escape the sneers as these cars date through your youth so there’s that whole retro vibe occurring.

You can still get away with a Mazda RX8 (pictured) or Subaru Impreza, while when you have more to pay then an Aston Martin is the ideal solution.

Lotus Exige S

Avoid: Anything too sporty because it looks like you’re trying too difficult to be young.

Also avoid the little red convertible as you’ll look like Noddy if you’re a man.

While I’m at it, the updated VW Beetle is rarely a great look but even less so at this particular age.

50s and older

You may have climbed high up the business ladder, your young ones have probably left home and vehicle insurance is cheaper, so now’s some time to indulge your motoring passion again.

Porsche 911

Consider: An older Porsche 911 also falls in to the timeless classic bracket.

A Jaguar, Mercedes or larger BMW may also be perfect.

When you still love tinkering underneath the bonnet then a sports car from yesteryear is still appropriate – think MGB.

Volvo V70 exterior

Avoid: If you’ve had the same car for three decades – particularly if it’s a Volvo estate – then sell it immediately.

Also – and again – step away from the red convertible.

It was questionable a decade ago however looks frankly ridiculous. Hot hatches will also be no-go areas.

What do you think?

We would like to hear what age appropriate – or non-age appropriate – car you drive.

So, in true Cilla Black fashion, how old have you been and what car will you drive?

Find your Inner Pilot

Remember a hundred years ago when we were kids? It seems like it was that long ago sometimes, doesn’t it? I grew up in the 1980s, and toy cars and planes and spaceships were definitely my jam. After school, my brother and I would take our bucket of toys out into the yard and reenact completely fictitious battles from our favorite movies. I can still hear the sound effects that we would make with our mouths as we drove matchbox cars through tunnels crafted of clay and soil and made our planes do maneuvers completely prohibited by the laws of physics. The point was, in our imaginations, we were flawless pilots, navigating any vehicle through the most risky of terrains.

DTLA 9-1

For my brother and me, very little has changed. Though I’ve only piloted an actual airplane once, I’m in love with driving. I appreciate auto design as an art form, equally practical and expressive. I believe driving to be the same. Driving should never be merely for transportation, it should be an experience that offers an intimate rush and a level of safety and excitement. That’s why whenever I drive, I drive a Nissan. I know it sounds wonky to actually say that, but it’s true. My first car was a Nissan, and I’ve been falling in love with them again and again ever since. My latest love affair is with the all-new hybrid Nissan Altima. Now mind you, I have high standards in performance and safety. I’ve driven across this country a number of times and I actually enjoy traffic. In this car, you will too. It is pregnant with convenient features inspired for your needs in comfort and excellence. Nothing is as convenient for me as a hybrid that strives to save me money and be less taxing on the environment. I also adore my ability to take care of all of my business and navigation totally hands free! I can make all my calls, even take care of texts, and pull a map up on the nav system, all without taking my hands off of the steering wheel where they belong. If you’re interested in learning about the price points or the safety features, go online to either or and make an appointment, but I want to talk about driving it, not all that other stuff.

DTLA 9-2

Remember that little thing about flying and driving from when I was a kid? I am a born driver, a born pilot. I love to make things go and test their limits. That’s why I love this Altima so much. When you talk about smooth, you talk about hot knives and butter, but that doesn’t even come close when trying to find a way to describe the way the Altima both hugs the road tightly and at the same time seems to float effortlessly above it. It’s silent! It can corner with such grace that I feel like I’m leading a dance when I speed down a remote and windy road. All I can say is… test drive one.

DTLA 9-3

GM leads recall mess, toyota follows suit


Toyota is rolling out a mega-recall of about 6.4 million vehicles that addresses conditions that include air bags and seat rails. Inside a sharp contrast to how General Motors put off and mishandled corrections to an ignition switch in small cars over the last decade, Toyota appears to be far more responsive-perhaps motivated with the $1.2 billion penalty recently levied from the company for concealing information related to unintended acceleration risks.

The largest campaign in this series for the United states market involves 1.3 million vehicles with a potential air bag cable problem, affecting: 2009-2010 Corolla, 2008-2010 Highlander, 2009-2010 Matrix, 2006-2008 RAV4, 2009-2010 Tacoma, and 2006-2010 Yaris vehicles.

The concern requires the spiral cable assembly (also called a clock spring) that connects the driver’s air bag module in the steering wheel. Toyota has determined that the electric connections between the spiral cable along with the control module can become damaged. This could make the air bag warning light to illuminate and the air bag may malfunction.

In January, the automaker asked its dealers to report air bag performance concerns among all Toyotas, including unintended deployment. Clearly, the company was collecting data to aid its assessment. Inspite of the scale of the investigation, this recall focuses on just a small portion of the total Toyota population.

Toyota is likewise recalling 472,500 2006-2010 Yaris and 2008-2010 Scion xD cars to address the potential for the spring in the seat-lock mechanism for front seats to break. The concern is that the break could lead the seat moving freely on the seat rail in the event of an accident, thereby increasing injury risk.

The other three recalls-steering column, windshield wiper motors, and starter motors-are strictly for other markets.

Once corrections have been prepared. owners is going to be notified

Gas and the Average Prices that You Should Know


Gas prices have decreased in most regions. The national gasoline average is down three cents from this time last week, but still up 15 cents from a year ago. Premium gas is $4.03, down a couple cents from a week ago. Diesel fuel is about 12 cents beyond this time last year.

See our guide to fuel economy for advice on saving gasoline, including reports how to get the best gas mileage and how to find the cheapest gas. Learn about future technologies such as electric and hydrogen fuel cells inside our guide to alternative fuels.

National regular gasoline prices Price Change from a couple weeks ago

Regular gasoline/gallon $3.68 ? .03

Diesel fuel/gallon $3.96 ? .01

Regional regular gasoline prices Price Vary from last week

East Coast $3.68 ? .01

-New England $3.75 ? .00

-Central Atlantic $3.74 ? .01

-Lower Atlantic $3.65 ? .01

Midwest $3.60 ? .07

Gulf Coast $3.47 ? .03

Rocky Mountain $3.50 ? .02

West Coast $4.06 ? .01

-California $4.22 ? .03

Source: Energy Information Administration, 5/5/14. Figures rounded to the nearest cent.

Safety First


When it comes to looking for a new car, nothing is more important than the safety of your family. For most people, cars are almost an extension of their home. You use it constantly, to drive to work, take the kids to school, run to the grocery store, and hit the wide, open roads on weekend camping trips or to visit family. As an extension of your home, you do a lot of living in your car, and not just traveling. From drinking coffee on the way to work to eating dinner on the way home from a little league that went into overtime, you and your family get a lot done in the car. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you’re safe while you’re going about your day to day activities.


If you’re ready to invest in a car you can trust, you’re ready for a Nissan. With high safety ratings year after year, a reputation for having few mechanical problems, and a known long life time, it’s hard to find a car that’s more respected and better for a family who is always on the go. When you’re ready to learn more about cars like the 2015 Altima, which got 5 Star Safety Ratings in three of the four categories, you can start by visiting Peruse their selection, see just how high Nissan’s safety ratings are, and take a look at the different types of vehicles available. You’ll see that you can find a safe and stylish car that will fit your family’s particular needs. is the place to get started on your new car search, learn about Nissans, and see just what types of vehicles appeal the most to you. This California dealership will have you on the road, safely, in no time.

2015 Cadillac Escade’s flagship isn’t up with anything new


Since the revamped 2015 ChevroletSuburban and Tahoe, and GMC Yukon are out, it’s the Escalade’s turn to make a splash. GM positions this well-dressed behemoth as its flagship SUV, with pricing to start at $72,000. Our model stickered at $85,690, positioning it against such status machines because the Land Rover Range Rover or a Mercedes-Benz GL, and raising expectations.

The new ’Slade certainly looks the part, with chiseled exterior styling and a tastefully finished, leather-laden cabin. But also in some ways this flagship misses the boat, as it were.

Let’s begin with the engine: The 420-hp, 6.2-liter V8 also serves as the up-level option for the Yukon Denali. You’d think this powerplant ought to propel this coach smoothly, effortlessly and luxuriously, but it doesn’t. Power delivery from the V8 and its six-speed automatic is just ordinary. It does not rival the best competitors, though likewise, the transmission operates smoothly enough. Thankfully, an eight-speed arrives soon.

It’s not like GM doesn’t already have modern powertrains in the inventory. The Cadillac CTS Vsport has a terrifically potent 420-hp, 3.6-liter turbo V6 and eight-speed auto that could have place the Escalade on more modern footing. And, a supercharged V8 is also in the arsenal. We’ve discovered that forced induction in other competing vehicles does wonders in terms of low-end torque and midrange punch.

Just like its platform mates, the Escalade is truly quiet inside, having an ambience deserving of a high-end luxury car. Handling is commendable, too, with well-suppressed body lean and responsive steering. Still, the sheer size and majority of this tall ship is tough to ignore. Furthermore, the very high step-in makes getting in or out an ungracious exercise-without or with the power-retractable running boards, which we found noisy in the new Tahoe.

This Escalade, rented from the automaker for any fee, has GM’s magnetic ride system as standard equipment; it’s designed to proactively vary the damping level in each shock absorber. On some pavement types it works beautifully, quelling body motions and contributing to a reliable sail. Although the 22-inch tires tend to transmit rough, rubbery jiggles in the cab, especially on broken pavement.

The cabin looks sumptuous at first, and maybe at second glance, too, using its supple leather, abundance of matte-finish wood, and a modern wrap-around dash. Like the revamped Tahoe/Suburban, though, the Escalade uses a big old column shifter that literally brings all the grace and subtlety of a bumper jack. Other modern luxury SUVs employ more discrete shifters that are low effort and straightforward to reach. GM tells us they are looking into an even more elegant solution. At least the parking brake is electrically operated rather than using a clunky foot pedal like in the Suburban and Tahoe do.

Clearly, it wouldn’t be a modern Cadillac without having the CUE infotainment system. But also in the Escalade’s vast cabin, the fiddly touch screen is a far reach and a distant glance away, compounding the inherent ergonomic flaws of your system.

As attractive as Cadillac’s sculpted styling is and as gorgeous as the interior looks, we can’t help feeling that GM missed an opportunity to escalate this new flagship in to a world-beater. At this lofty price, bling alone won’t do. Before buying one, We’ll delay until the eight-speed automatic shows up. If a big, shiny Cadillac is in your shopping list., you should too

XBMC 13.0 “Gotham” Renews Sharing, Settings and Speed


The newest version of XBMC, the kickass customizable media center software, is here-with lots of new features for desktop and mobile users alike.P

Produce aKickass and Seamless, Play-Everything Media Center: The Total Guide

DVD players are really 1999. With this day and age, a custom media center running XBMC is the only thin…

Continue reading

XBMC 13 has a laundry list of new improvements and features, including: P

Improved speed on Android and the Raspberry Pi, as well as Android hardware decodingP

Support for 3D movies in SBS, anaglyph and TAB and interlaced formats.P

Gesture controls for video playback and navigation on touch screen devicesP

Improved UPnP sharing, including advanced library browsing and the ability to send a video to play on another deviceP

Improvements to audio on all platforms, better support on LinuxP

Simpler, tiered settings for beginners and experts, together with descriptions of the each setting doesP

Much, much moreP

Hit the hyperlink for the full rundown on new features, and important notes on upgrading. Remember-back up your pc before you upgrade (especially if you use a lot of accessories)!

Versatile Cars You need In Order to be a Great Hollywood Production Assistant

Becoming a Production Assistant in Hollywood is not as hard as you may think, you just have to go out and meet people and express your availability. However, excelling as a PA is much more difficult. Since there are literally thousands of eager beavers arriving every day, you have to take your opportunities and run with them, you don’t have any time to spare to let someone else come in and get all your gigs by being a better PA. If you put pedal to the medal you’ll go places. And speaking of going places, in LA, and as a Hollywood PA, you need a good set of wheels, and not just any will do. Here are the make or break cars you’ll love and be loved for.

Dodge Caravan


A Dodge Caravan you might think is too much of a mom and dad car. And while that’s true, what’s cooler than being a really successful PA on his way toward financial and career greatness? That’s what a Caravan says – you care about your career and not some fabricated status symbol. Check them out online at, you’ll be amazed at how cool they actually look. Now, think about how you can drive a large portion of the crew around, or go to the store and get any amount of food or snacks that the crew needs. You’ll be a hero, all cause you ditched the outdated notion of what is cool, and got a sweet Dodge Caravan off of

Subaru Outback


Similarly, the Outback is often thought of as a lesbian vehicle. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but if you are not a lesbian, you may be setting a different image out there than you would otherwise choose to display. But, don’t under estimate how great it is to have a car that is great in all terrains. You’ll be using the AWD capacity of your Subaru more than you think in your life as a PA. The last thing you want is to have to decline a job offer because you can’t drive comfortably in the desert or along the Pacific coast. These things can be cool too, with their high wheel base and reliability. Not a lot of folks consider a Subaru in LA since it’s not an icy type of climate, but think of the versatility this car offers.

Honda Odyssey


This is the Honda fleet’s most prized possession, more so than the Accord or the Civic. What makes the Odyssey so special? First of all, it drives like a sedan with excellent handling and giddy up. Also, it looks cool. They’ve really done a great job making it look like a car that a self respecting person would actually drive. A lot of other cars fail in that category, like the Prius or any of those awful box cars they make. Seriously, who designed those? The Odyssey shows definitively that you can have a lot of cargo capacity and not be an unsightly mess like the Nissan Cube.

The Thing With Evs You Should Know


Form of. The Chevy Volt was supposed to be the world’s first mass-produced, family-friendly, everyman electric vehicle. It looked as if it would happen too; the original idea behind the Volt was fantastic. It’s a battery-powered vehicle that will get a decent commuter range on pure battery power. Should you start to run short on juice throughout the daytime, a tiny onboard petrol engine could spin up a generator to provide recharging capability to the batteries on-the-fly, at night you plug it in to recharge it, and. The petrol engine would not come on in the event you stayed in the electric range. This is how Chevy promoted the Volt until October 2010 when it transpired that a tiny design change had been made which turned the Volt from an EV in to a petrol-electric hybrid instead. Until that point, GM had been promoting the mantra that there was no mechanism in the Volt to drive the wheels even when the engineers wished to source). It was when Motor Trend first test drove a production Volt that they discovered that the petrol engine could and did drive the wheels. Whilst there is no direct mechanical link (like a driveshaft) between the Volt’s gas engine and the wheels, above 70mph a linkage is accomplished by meshing the power output of the engine with the power output of among the motor-generators with the plantary gearset. Just like a Prius. No matter which way you make the grade, the gas engine are able to directly bring about driving the transmission. Which means it’s no EV, it’s a hybrid (although GM like to call it a Range-Extended EV or ER-EV for short) though definitely not.

What You Need To Know About Motorcycles and Scooters


With the cost of gas and car maintenance growing ever higher, the classic motorcycle and scooter are starting to shed its poor man’s wheels image. Currently, a growing number of car drivers are choosing the sleeker, more maneuverable, go-anywhere two wheeler.

For large families it may a smart choice as an add-to the big SUV for short runs into town. If merely as being a quicker, independent way of getting them where they would like to go, meanwhile, more singles and married women are starting to see the main advantages of a scooter or motorcycle even.

Even empty-nesters and baby boomers will also be feeling the demand for speed on long-awaited biking adventures (now that the kids have grown! ).

Around the Web, get past the traffic jam of dealerships and roadside sellers for the real lowdown on the best scooter or motorcycle to the buck at top sites and busy online communities – offering reviews, safety information, motorcycle tips for beginners, and buying information and directories on accessories, gear, parts and equipment :

Motorcycle USA – The grand-daddy of all American motorcycle communities features a web-based news, superstore and have articles, how to’s and discussion forums, and lots more for that motorcycle enthusiast.

Motorcycle Reviews – Read current reviews, buying guides and view photos on models such as Buell, Honda and BMW Harley Davidson, and Suzuki tested on the track and on the road.

Motor Scooters Guide – Getnews and reviews, driving tips, tips on maintenance and related resources with info on online community membership signup.

Scooter Diva – Check out chicks on scooters featuring a photo gallery, reviews & buyer’s guide, busy community forum.

Bikers Engine – Go hog wild at this top directory of international listings to associations and clubs, antique motorcycles, dirt parts, bikes and equipmentvideos, equipment, lots and books more. – International clearinghouse of reviews posted by fellow motorcycle owners.

Bikelinks – A biker site with a brain – offering an easy, searchable international A-Z directory, with comprehensive listings to everything motorcycle-related.

Vtwin Mama – A great resource specifically geared to women by using a buying directory, newbie tips & advice, a guide to customizing motorcycles for shorter riders, repair how to’s, discussion boards, and links to related resources.