Find your Inner Pilot

Remember a hundred years ago when we were kids? It seems like it was that long ago sometimes, doesn’t it? I grew up in the 1980s, and toy cars and planes and spaceships were definitely my jam. After school, my brother and I would take our bucket of toys out into the yard and reenact completely fictitious battles from our favorite movies. I can still hear the sound effects that we would make with our mouths as we drove matchbox cars through tunnels crafted of clay and soil and made our planes do maneuvers completely prohibited by the laws of physics. The point was, in our imaginations, we were flawless pilots, navigating any vehicle through the most risky of terrains.

DTLA 9-1

For my brother and me, very little has changed. Though I’ve only piloted an actual airplane once, I’m in love with driving. I appreciate auto design as an art form, equally practical and expressive. I believe driving to be the same. Driving should never be merely for transportation, it should be an experience that offers an intimate rush and a level of safety and excitement. That’s why whenever I drive, I drive a Nissan. I know it sounds wonky to actually say that, but it’s true. My first car was a Nissan, and I’ve been falling in love with them again and again ever since. My latest love affair is with the all-new hybrid Nissan Altima. Now mind you, I have high standards in performance and safety. I’ve driven across this country a number of times and I actually enjoy traffic. In this car, you will too. It is pregnant with convenient features inspired for your needs in comfort and excellence. Nothing is as convenient for me as a hybrid that strives to save me money and be less taxing on the environment. I also adore my ability to take care of all of my business and navigation totally hands free! I can make all my calls, even take care of texts, and pull a map up on the nav system, all without taking my hands off of the steering wheel where they belong. If you’re interested in learning about the price points or the safety features, go online to either or and make an appointment, but I want to talk about driving it, not all that other stuff.

DTLA 9-2

Remember that little thing about flying and driving from when I was a kid? I am a born driver, a born pilot. I love to make things go and test their limits. That’s why I love this Altima so much. When you talk about smooth, you talk about hot knives and butter, but that doesn’t even come close when trying to find a way to describe the way the Altima both hugs the road tightly and at the same time seems to float effortlessly above it. It’s silent! It can corner with such grace that I feel like I’m leading a dance when I speed down a remote and windy road. All I can say is… test drive one.

DTLA 9-3

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