Versatile Cars You need In Order to be a Great Hollywood Production Assistant

Becoming a Production Assistant in Hollywood is not as hard as you may think, you just have to go out and meet people and express your availability. However, excelling as a PA is much more difficult. Since there are literally thousands of eager beavers arriving every day, you have to take your opportunities and run with them, you don’t have any time to spare to let someone else come in and get all your gigs by being a better PA. If you put pedal to the medal you’ll go places. And speaking of going places, in LA, and as a Hollywood PA, you need a good set of wheels, and not just any will do. Here are the make or break cars you’ll love and be loved for.

Dodge Caravan


A Dodge Caravan you might think is too much of a mom and dad car. And while that’s true, what’s cooler than being a really successful PA on his way toward financial and career greatness? That’s what a Caravan says – you care about your career and not some fabricated status symbol. Check them out online at, you’ll be amazed at how cool they actually look. Now, think about how you can drive a large portion of the crew around, or go to the store and get any amount of food or snacks that the crew needs. You’ll be a hero, all cause you ditched the outdated notion of what is cool, and got a sweet Dodge Caravan off of

Subaru Outback


Similarly, the Outback is often thought of as a lesbian vehicle. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but if you are not a lesbian, you may be setting a different image out there than you would otherwise choose to display. But, don’t under estimate how great it is to have a car that is great in all terrains. You’ll be using the AWD capacity of your Subaru more than you think in your life as a PA. The last thing you want is to have to decline a job offer because you can’t drive comfortably in the desert or along the Pacific coast. These things can be cool too, with their high wheel base and reliability. Not a lot of folks consider a Subaru in LA since it’s not an icy type of climate, but think of the versatility this car offers.

Honda Odyssey


This is the Honda fleet’s most prized possession, more so than the Accord or the Civic. What makes the Odyssey so special? First of all, it drives like a sedan with excellent handling and giddy up. Also, it looks cool. They’ve really done a great job making it look like a car that a self respecting person would actually drive. A lot of other cars fail in that category, like the Prius or any of those awful box cars they make. Seriously, who designed those? The Odyssey shows definitively that you can have a lot of cargo capacity and not be an unsightly mess like the Nissan Cube.

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