Which Are The Best Cars To Attract Ladies

Before starting this article may I just say that I apologize to anyone who is offended in any way and point out that there are no guarantees that buying one of these cars is the only thing standing between you and the girl of your dreams?
However, unfortunately for guys, one of the things which many women find attractive in a man is money. They may not admit it, they may not even recognize the fact in themselves and categorically deny it but there are scientific studies which have proven it to be true.
So, it stands to reason that some women are attracted to men who drive expensive cars. Now here’s the good part – not all women really know which cars are expensive and which are not . . . well, not all men know that either to be honest. The important thing is for a car to look expensive for the driver to definitely be in with a chance of catching the heart of the girl of his dreams.
It must also be said that girls have pretty unique tastes. Some may prefer sleek sports cars whereas others are more impressed by a powerful truck and girls which are particularly worried about the future of the planet may be more impressed by one of the newer electric hybrid motors.
Let’s take a look at a few examples and don’t worry, it’s not all about Bentleys and Lamborghinis:
• Jeep Wrangler Rubicon – Jeeps have been capturing the attention and imagination of the nation at large since the 1970’s and they still have oodles of appeal for the ladies. If you are an optimistic type then go for a larger version with extra passenger room. Check them out at www.ocauto.com.


• Dodge Challenger – this is one mean looking muscle car with a contemporary flair and makes a great impression on some ladies.
• Mustang GT Premium Convertible – this motor is a true American icon and will hardly ever fail. Take a spin in one of these babies and watch the heads turn as you drive by.
• Mercedes Benz C350 Couple – this is certainly not one of the most expensive Mercedes cars but if you read the top of the page you’ll realize that it really doesn’t matter. The sheer fact that it looks expensive is all that you need to know.
• Nissan 370Z Coupe – particularly if you choose the model with the sport package. This is definitely the best of the bunch when it comes to Japanese motors and is a great attention grabber.


• Audi A5 Convertible – this motor oozes German quality and style. The sexy drop top is sure to attract plenty of attention as you cruise along the highway.
• Range Rover Evoque – the Evoque is arguably the most striking of all SUV’s on the market today. Arguing? Who’s arguing? Certainly not me.
• Ford F-150 King Ranch – a subtle blend of power, luxury and utility. Okay, perhaps it’s about as subtle as a sledge hammer but hey, it’s still a great way of attracting the attention of the opposite sex.
• Chevy Volt – this is one for the more environmentally friendly girl.


That’s a pretty good cross section don’t you think? There should be something there to capture the imagination of most drivers and lots of different girls. Check out some of these and other fabulous motors at http://www.ocauto.com and remember, just because some of these cars look expensive it doesn’t necessary follow that they’ll leave a gaping hole in your bank balance.

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